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Certified Personal Trainer (NASM)

It was over 15 years ago that my fitness journey began. In my teenage years, the fitness world was introduced to me at an early age through weightlifting and sports. After that, fitness and nutrition became a habit and something I thoroughly enjoyed practicing. This habit then became a passion, and now I'm devoted to sharing this knowledge and experience with you. By taking a holistic approach to training, I can help improve both your physical and mental health. I believe that an exceptional fitness program does not just encompass exercise but also proper nutrition. That is why I'm dedicated to providing you the tools and support to achieve your goals.
As a detail-oriented and experienced personal fitness trainer, my primary focus includes perfecting proper form and mobility during exercises while maximizing muscular strength and endurance. My adopted methodology encompasses a variety of exercises that come together to create effective strength and cardiovascular training with attainable nutrition goals, all customized to fit your personal fitness aspirations. 

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